Gir Cow’s A2 Ghee

Updated: 10 Mar, 2023

Gir Cow’s A2 Ghee is one of the miraculous superfood that humanity has ever had. This pure A2 Ghee is prepared by traditional “bilona” method and as per the process suggested in our Scriptures. Such type of pure ghee (or desi ghee) is capable of curing incurable diseases if used in proper way.

This ghee is prepared in Gaushala of Gir Region in Gujarat state. Here in this guashala, cow’s are always treated as “Gaumata” (a mother). Ghee is prepared from A2 milk obtained from Gaumata using the ancient Indian practice of “dohan”. As per our ancient scriptures, calf is given to feed from two “Anchal” of Gaumata and remaining two can be used to obtain milk for other living beings including humans. So such a holistic process really makes the ghee very special.

What is Vedic Bilona Process? This means the milk is used as a whole and not just cream. Then curd is made from this whole milk and curd is churned by wooden bilona for longer time. After churning process butter is separated and boiled on wood-fired flame in a brass or clay vessel. Such a process is very slow and requires 25-28 liters of milk to extract 1 liter of desi ghee. Slower flame retains most of the nutrients in the ghee in contrast to higher temperatures.

Gir cow’s ghee is light yellow in colour, the same color as “Ojas” (our essential energy that resides in the heart) that Maharshi Charak described when he compared the color of Ojas with the color of cow’s ghee. According to Maharshi Charak, Ghee promotes ‘sattva’  (Truth or Purity of  Being), memory, intelligence, beauty, agni, fertility, digestion, and ojas. It alleviates Vata dosha, Pitta dosha, the effect of poisoning, insanity, inauspiciousness, and fever. has brought you this amazing and rejuvenating Gir Cow’s Pure A2 Ghee. So what are you waiting for? Grab your jar now!

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